Spontaneous Sobriety . . .


. . . That moment you realize life would be better without alcohol.

“Am I an alcoholic?” is the wrong question.

The better question is “would my life be better if I quit drinking?”


The definition of alcohol use disorder is simple. You drink more than you want to. If you have to try to control it, you’re not in control. 

I’ll tell you a secret . . .

Quit drinking without AA

You’re Not Alone


Sound Familiar?

Alcohol Use Disorder: 

You’ve worked hard to raise your children and succeed in your career. You should feel proud. And happy. Instead, you feel terrified. You might lose everything if you don’t get your shit together.

You are strong-willed, reliable and disciplined in other areas of your life. But evidently, you can’t “drink like a normal person.”

Most people wouldn’t think you have a drinking problem. But you know. And it’s a problem.

COVID lockdowns accelerated alcohol use disorder for many professional and productive women. You’re not alone and you’re in good company.

What if you could?


Quit drinking because you want to, not because you have to?

Believe that alcohol is the problem, not the solution–even if you’ve truly enjoyed drinking for years?

Navigate social settings like a badass without feeling left out or suffering from cravings?

Frame the decision to quit drinking from a place of strength instead of weakness?

Ascend to a new level of vitality and self-assurance that attracts the people and circumstances you desire?

Spontaneous Sobriety

I did. Others are. You can too!


Spontaneous Sobriety is a masterclass and comprehensive online sobriety program for professional women seeking alternatives to AA for alcohol use disorder. Heal your brain, cancel your desire to drink and restore your energy and enthusiasm for life.


Emily says . . .

“The resources and scientific knowledge are amazing. Colleen is brilliant. For me, it wasn’t just about the alcohol. This is about mental health. I’ve never learned self-care–I literally didn’t know what it meant. Joining this program kicked off a chain reaction. I’m seeing my doctor about medical issues I was ignoring. I’m reconsidering my commitments; asking for help; slowing down. This is the beginning of a journey. I feel less out of integrity–I’m making good choices. The more all of this sinks in, the better I become. It’s a huge gift to myself.”

Angie says . . .

“This program is worth every dime. I am vested in my recovery and over-all well-being. To get the most out of this program, you have to commit 100 percent. You will come out free and healthy on the other side. I had zero confidence in my ability to manage my desire to drink. Now I 100 percent committed to staying alcohol free. If you’re wondering whether or not to join, NOW is the answer–not tomorrow–not later.” 

Wendy says . . .

“This program far exceeds my expectations. Colleen has been through it and knows what we’re going through. The groups are honest and real and having community is key!”

Erica says . . .

“If you’re a woman ready to kick the booze and excited to immerse yourself in the work of recovery–reading, reflecting, journaling, attending group meetings, doing personal coaching sessions with Colleen, and developing everyday mindfulness, then this program is definitely for you. The more you put in, the more you get out.”

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Spontaneous Sobriety

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