Can you imagine?

You stride into an event wearing a colorful scarf draped over a slimming black dress and a genuine smile. You feel calm and collected–confident. At the bar, you order a soda water with a splash of gingerale and a fresh lime. And you make it a double. Because anything less is a waste of a glass.

Your skin is glowing and your hair is shiny. Your presence is palpable. Compliments are plentiful. “Wow! It’s good to see you. You look amazing. What are you doing different?”

“A lot of little things,” you relpy. “I’m sleeping more, eating healthier, working out — I stopped drinking too. It all adds up.” You wonder how you missed the obvious for so long. No pill, product, diet or exercise routine has ever come close to the transformation you’ve experienced with simply not drinking alcohol. Sobriety is the freaking fountain of youth–and nobody talks about it! Plus, not needing or wanting to drink is the ultimate power-move. This is freedom. And joy.

Alcohol and Sexy are Inversely Proportional

If you’re struggling with alcohol use disorder, you’re not alone. I’ve been there. I get it. My biggest fear was that I’d have to stop drinking.  Until one day, I realized that I wanted to quit. Sobriety is a superpower. Alcohol is a handicap. I was sick and tired of pretending I felt anything but sick and tired.

You have 3 options:


Keep drinking. Promise to do better. Hope that’s true.

[Spoiler Alert: Hope is not a strategy.]


Admit you’re powerless. Feel like a failure. Never drink again.

[Practice saying: “Hi. My name is _____  and I’m an alcoholic.”]


Awaken your inner Goddess. Go to the source of the problem. Fix it. 

[Be free for life.]

What is Coaching?

The difference between surrendering to a problem and embracing a solution is perspective. Happiness is a mindset. It’s also a skill. You can decide how you want feel.

You know you can quit drinking if you have to–you’ve taken time off before. But why do you start again? Why do you end up in the same place (or worse)? To overcome alcohol use disorder and thrive as a non-drinker, you have to rewire your brain. You must shift your perspective and  change the way you think. About alcohol. Stress. Your identity.

The sacrifices we’ve made for career, children and community left us empty and vulnerable. To cope, we accepted a shitty consolation prize–alcohol. There’s a reason why you feel that you don’t have enough time, energy, motivation, money, etc. Because drinking drains our life force. It’s our number one source of stress!

I can help you change. Even if you drink every day. Even if you can’t imagine life without alcohol. I’ll show you that it’s not about the alcohol. It’s about your relationship with yourself (and the lack thereof). Once you prioritize self-care, you won’t have trouble not drinking alcohol any more than you have trouble not drinking the laundry detergent.  You don’t need willpower. You need to love yourself again.

Coaching is a process. I can help you untangle your emotions and rewrite the stories that keep you stuck. We will “weed” your subconscious mind of the cyclical thoughts creating anxiety and depression. We will plant new beliefs that serve you so that you have confidence and resilience–like you’ve never known.

Colleen Kachmann

“Self-neglect is not a funtion of resilience.”

Degrees & Certifications

Certified Professional Recovery Coach

Net Institute Center for Addiction and Recovery Education

Master of Science in Health Coaching

International Health Coach University

Certified International Health Coach

International Association for Health Coaches

Women's Function and Integrative Medicine Professional

The Women’s Integrative Medicine Institute

SheRecovers Coach

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Bachelor of Science in Education

Biology and Chemistry