Welcome to the Sober Revolution

Colleen Kachmann, Recovery Certifed Master Coach

Online sobriety program for women with alcohol use disorder. 

Welcome to the Sober Revolution

Colleen Kachmann, Recovery Certified Master Coach

Online sobriety program for women with alcohol use disorder

Sobriety isn’t a prison sentence for hot messes who can’t control their drinking.

It’s liberation for badass rebels who learn to manage their thinking.

Sobriety is a superpower, not a disease.

Big Lies versus Little Women

Quitting is hard. Is living with alcohol use disorder easy? Choose your hard.

Alcohol eases stress. If this was true, the more you drink, the better you’d feel.

Sobriety makes you less fun. Alcohol makes you less fun—just ask your people,

Only “alcoholics” are addicted to alcohol. Factually, anyone who drinks on a regular basis can get addicted.

Please drink responsibly. This is a marketing slogan used to promote sales for a depressant, neurotoxic, class-1 carcinogenic and addictive drug. Seriously?

Please Think Responsibly

Society labels sloppy drunks who can’t keep their shit together as “alcoholics.” But high-functioning drinkers who qualify as “responsible” suffer from dependency too. In reality, alcohol use disorder is a spectrum. All drinkers are vulnerable to the slippery, downward slope of addiction.

For too long, it’s been a party foul to admit there’s a problem. But smart and brave women are changing the rules. I’m not talking about going to rehab or AA.

There’s a better way.

You’re not alone. In fact, you’re in really good company. With the right support, you can overcome alcohol use disorder–even if you drink every day. And even if you’ve tried (and failed) to quit drinking many times.

Women have been lured into a trap with “mommy juice,” “skinny-girl” margaritas and pink rosé. We’ve come to our senses. Drinking to stay numb and dumb is not a power-move.

Neither is being branded as an “alcoholic” for life with the Scarlet Letter À.

We’re done with the patriarchal bullshit.

Welcome to the Sober Revolution.


Quit drinking without AA

Are You Ready to Level Up?

Recovery University is a shame-free, online sobriety program that gives women the tools, support and accountability to restore self-trust and confidence. Our holistic, self-directed strategies are evidenced-based alternatives to AA. Recovery University offers:

  • 50+ hour Masterclass for professional women who want to overcome alcohol use disorder
  • Private and group coaching for already-sober women dealing with post-acute withdrawal syndrome and/or wanting to uplevel their thinking and behavior patterns.

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